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Wed May 12, 2004 9:44 am

Couple of months ago I was non-revving AB) (FRA / FRF / EDDF), Germany">FRA to the US.

As my train arrived there around mid-day the only flight possible was ORD on a 763 which was overbooked. They were offering up-grades from coach to business and first for a couple of hundred. Obviously I did not make that flight and had to spend a night there and try the next morning to DFW. When I got there the second day they were offering upgrades again on both DFW & ORD flights... I managed to get on the DFW flight on board a 777.

Couple of months later I've heard the same stories from some friends always on the ORD flight.. So my question: is why not upgrade AB) (FRA / FRF / EDDF), Germany">FRA-ORD to a 777 or have more flights from out there? I remember seeing many UAL 777's like 4 or 5 but I know they have the LH codeshare there...

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Wed May 12, 2004 9:48 am

AA simply does not have enough 777. I'm sure they would love to fly a 777 on the ORD-AB) (FRA / FRF / EDDF), Germany">FRA route, same with routes like JFK-CDG and MIA-South America (GIG, SCL etc.). They do have 9 777 on order due to start arriving in 2006.

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Wed May 12, 2004 10:32 am

The B777 doesn't have that much more seating capacity compared to the -67. The main difference is the availability of First Class. The 777 has it, the 767 does not. I think if AB) (FRA / FRF / EDDF), Germany">FRA had more slots available, AA would probably reinstate the 2nd daily AB) (FRA / FRF / EDDF), Germany">FRA-ORD flight, possibly also JFK-AB) (FRA / FRF / EDDF), Germany">FRA, once their new JFK-terminal is operational. With AA's ever increasing presence at MIA a resumption of MIA-AB) (FRA / FRF / EDDF), Germany">FRA might also make sense. Unfortunately, there won't be any viable slots available at AB) (FRA / FRF / EDDF), Germany">FRA in the foreseeable future - if ever! If growth on transatlantic routes continues at its current pace, American may have to reconsider their options how to best serve the German market, and eye potential alternatives to Frankfurt.