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Are There Any DC-8s Still In Pax Service?

Wed Feb 09, 2000 5:38 pm

Does anybody know if there are any DC-8s in scheduled passenger service (not charter or cargo) anywhere in the world?

If not, does anybody know the last one(s) were taken out of service?
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RE: Are There Any DC-8s Still In Pax Service?

Wed Feb 09, 2000 7:31 pm

There are no scheduled passenger DC-8s left. The only DC-8s with seats are a handful of VIP and military transport-aircraft.
The last DC-8 pax services were flown in 1996. Rich International, which ceased in October 1996, was a charter carrier but I presume they operated some scheduled services as well... who knows more about Rich operations?
It's a photo-finish with Air Marshall Islands, which used one Arrow Air DC-8 (N799AL) in combi-configuration. They also returned that DC-8 in October 1996 to the lessor. The back of the aircraft contained 81 Economy seats, and they had one or two roundtrips a week to the Marshall Islands (I guess from Hawaii), which were published in OAG.
Some pax- DC-8s exist, stored in good condition. So maybe an airline returns this beauty in service once. One of my greatest wishes is to ever fly on a DC-8. But I guess I have to try to make a deal with cargo operators. Does anyone have experience with that?
More details on the status of all individual DC-8s on website
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