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UA's & NW's DC-10 In ATL In The '70's.

Sun May 16, 2004 1:21 pm

Does anyone here remember when UA used to fly DC-10's into ATL? It was before the new terminal was built. I also remember occasionally seeing a NW DC-10 as well. It wasn't for a long period of time, but I remember it: '76, '77.  Smile What was the iteniary?
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UA's & NW's DC-10 In ATL In The 70's.

Sun May 16, 2004 7:40 pm

I was fortunate enough to get to ride both out of ATL. United ran a mid-morning TPA-ATL-CLE DC-10 for at least several years in the 70's, I rode it in 1974 TPA-ATL connecting to a UA 73S ATL-AVL. There was about an 8 aircraft bank then, mostly 727's. Another DC-10 returned CLE-ATL-TPA passing thru ATL in the early evening. I am pretty sure the Flight numbers were 475 northbound and 476 southbound. Northwest operated a very similar DC-10 operation throughout most of the 70's with a Northbound mid-morning TPA-ATL-MSP-SEA-ANC flight with the reverse routing passing thru ATL southbound late afternoon, pretty sure it was Flight 775-776. I rode this in 1974 also, ATL-TPA, with a full hot meal dinner service (Steak) in coach, pretty impressive for about 1 hour 10 mins gate to gate. The Northwest DC-10 parked in clear view of the wonderful ATL old terminals observation deck. What fun memories.