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Easyjet And Ryanair

Wed May 19, 2004 3:23 am


This summer on the 6th of July and the 4th of August I'll be flying with Easyjet and Ryanair

(.... Tuesday: 06 July, flight EZY 3882
Amsterdam 09:35, London STN 09:45
06 July,FR 936
Departure STN 13:35, arrival PGF 16:35

Back on 4th of August: PGF - STN
Wednesday 04 August, Flight FR 935
Departure PGF 14:50, arrival STN 15:50
Wednesday 04 August, Flight EZY 3889
Departure STN 19:15, arrival AMS 21:25
(There no direct flight from AMS to PGF  Sad)

What I would like to know:

1) How is the the overall Reputation of both airliners? (Good/Bad experiences?)
2) If I'm correct I'll be flying with 2 Boeing (with FR for sure) but does anyone maybe knows which type of Boeing -700, -300? etc. Also which plane specific? (reg.Number?)
3) The seat pitches with both, good/normal/bad?
4) As you can see above, I have a couple of hours in STN, before my way to PGF. Can I do something nice there at the airport?

Thanks for the replies!!  Smile


FlightS in the next 3 months: MSP, PHX, MEM, NCE, TFS, BCN. All round trips from AMS
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RE: Easyjet And Ryanair

Wed May 19, 2004 3:47 am

Easyjet I've always had no bother with. No delays or cancellations, very basic but good clean service.
Ryanair on the otherhand I'm sorry to say has been quite dire in my experience. Old and very old planes- not dirty but you know, all worn and grimy, and cabin crew unfriendly. You can see how Ryanair can offer such cheap fares with very little customer service training lol, and squeezing every last day and hour from those B737-200.
Sorry I can't give you details about the aircraft, and wish you a safe and enjoyable trip.
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RE: Easyjet And Ryanair

Wed May 19, 2004 3:49 am

1. Easyjet 84% on time, 97% arrived within one hour. Ryanair 95% OT, 99% within one hour.
2. I think we had a 737-300 on the STN-AMS route last November. They all look alike to me cos there are so many it's boring!
3. Cheapo airline - what do you expect? Better than charter airlines, put it that way.
4. Stansted is not the most stimulating airport in the world... I guess you can visit all of the shops 10 times over! You don't really have enough time to visit London inbetween either. Take a good book and go through security once you've explored landside, which frankly won't take long. Nice airport to go through, but not to hang around in.

Edit: Oh, and I've only flown Ryanair a few times (great flights) whereas Easyjet dozens of times (everything from diabolical, dirty and late, to great, clean and early).

Geoff M.

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RE: Easyjet And Ryanair

Wed May 19, 2004 4:05 am

From personal experience flying both, I would say that both offer good value for money, as long as you only expect a basic, friendly service.

easyJet crews tend to be slightly friendlier in my opinion, but at the end of the day it really depends on how tired they are (i.e. how many sectors they will have flown before your flight).

I don't know what a/c you will be flying with FR, although I'm 99% certain you will be flying a -300 with easyJet to AMS. Most likely this a/c will be ex-Go, and it's registeration will begin along the lines of G-OG...
This is because easyJet currently have no more than two -700s based at STN.

I don't know what the exact seat pitch figures are for either airline, but I would say they are adequate for the length of journey you will be flying.

STN - quite a nice airport from an architectural point of view (modern, airy, spacious and lots of glass). From a viewing point of view - it's not a great place to watch planes as the 3 satellites block any chance of a panoramic view. However, the diversity of airlines at STN is increasing, so you will probably see quite a few more airlines in addition to RYR and EZY.

Important: enjoy your experience!