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EUJet Announces Routes From MSE And SNN

Thu May 20, 2004 10:41 pm

EUJet have finally announced their intended routes from (Kent International) Manston and Shannon. The planned new routes include new UK domestic flights from MSE to MAN, EDI and GLA and an Irish domestic route SNN-DUB. In addition there is the usual mix of European destinations one would expect from a LCC.

Details are now on Operations start in September. Another interesting development to watch...
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RE: EUJet Announces Routes From MSE And SNN

Fri May 21, 2004 1:24 am

Website down already? Just tries to access and it takes ages and ages then get the standard msn error message "We can't find".

Interesting to watch, Thomsonfly are making Coventry work, hopefully EUjet can make Manston work. Good aircraft size too, 100 seats less hard to fill... If only I could get to the website!!! Obviously a lot of demand/interest in them today!