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JAL Fleet Plans - Whats Cookin'?

Thu May 20, 2004 11:20 pm

What are JAL up to regarding the fleet makeup - what are they getting rid of (the ex-JAS MD8xs, DC10-40, A300 etc?) and what do they have on order.

Do they have a 733ER order? I thought they did but that plane only has GE90s and i know the JAL fleet is PW4000 series powered.

What about the 747-400ER?

How many of the original 747-400Ds have been converted back to standard 747-400 specs (ie: they glued the winglets back on)?

Presumably there is a big 7E7 order in the pipeline - anyone gues how many?

Whats the 767 thing about - they have GE CF6 and PW4150 powered examples dont they? Arnt their 762s knocking on a bit now too?

Where are they going to use the 773ER to? And are they keeping the 772ER LHR flights? When are the J-Birds being retired? Seen a JAL MD11 a few times at LHR - i know they use them to ZRH sometimes too - where else do they use them to?

Any new routes?

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RE: JAL Fleet Plans - Whats Cookin'?

Fri May 21, 2004 12:33 am

Yes, JAL does have the 773ER on order... and they were more than happy to take the GE90 despite the PW4000

Ditto ANA
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