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Lufthansa FlyNet

Mon May 24, 2004 6:46 pm

Hey All-

I was lucky enough to be on Lufthansa flight 418/419 from Dulles to Frankfurt and back about a year ago when they were testing out their flynet. I used the in-flight broadband both ways for free and it was spectacular. I even got a free USB keyboard light with the Lufthansa logo because I was in business class. While we can all agree that having access to the internet is surely enjoyable on a flight, particularly because one can surf airliners.net while flying (for me, the greatest combination in the world)

However, does this really make sense economically? I read that it costs about 1 million USD to develop and install FlyNET. Is Lufthansa hoping to lure more passengers with this, or is this strictly designed for premium business travelers. Even so, it seems hard to believe that they will make significant profit, given the development costs.

Either way, I think its fantastic, and would strongly consider flying Lufthansa over another carrier because of flynet. However, most fliers choose their airline because of ticket price or frequent flier membership (or simply route structures).

What does everyone think?

ps I tried to upload a picture of myself surfing airliners.net from the LH 744, but airliners.net consistently rejected my photo...too bad.
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RE: Lufthansa FlyNet

Mon May 24, 2004 11:10 pm

Now you can make "real-time" trip-reports!!! GREEEEEEAT!  Big thumbs up
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