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AeroSur's A-310s To MEX And MIA

Wed May 26, 2004 1:10 am

Based on 123's first post, now archived, here:

Here is a follow-up article on AeroSur's plans to acquire A-310-300s for service to Miami and Mexico.

En los planes también está el volver a cubrir las rutas de México y Miami desde noviembre del presente año, para eso contarán con naves Airbus A-310.
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RE: AeroSur's A-310s To MEX And MIA

Wed May 26, 2004 1:31 am

Also Airways online published 5L was getting 2 A310s.

Ironically all ex. MX 727-200 are std in Bolivia, which they need mx in order to get back to service, but 5L got no money to give mx. MX offered good deals, but it was too much for them. Instead they are getting another ex. MX 722 std here at MEx and these 2 A310s.

I've heard rumors here that all ex. Aerosur 727s will head to LAB. Since LB got mx hangars and money to do all things needed by this 727s in Bolivia.

About 5L its going to be really nice to see LB facing competition. LB currently flies a mix of 727 and 767s, they have delayed flights and all things they want to do., but hopefully I really want to see Aerosur competing against LB!

All the best for Bolivia!

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RE: AeroSur's A-310s To MEX And MIA

Wed May 26, 2004 6:33 am

Gee, you won. I was going to post just this...

Another point regarding 5L is that for the first time we will have from Bolivia good conex times in GRU. Congratulations to 5L for that. Let´s hope you make it!

Regarding LB (side note in this forum...) they posted that they will sell their 737's.

And another point: They are actually more on-time than 5L, if you fly frequently within Bolivia, you will give the ontime to LB not 5L!