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Irregularities In Colombian ATC

Wed May 26, 2004 3:09 am

Just read on the web version of Colombian newspaper El Tiempo that the chief of security of the Aeronautica Civil (Aerocivil), the Colombian version of the FAA, has quit after allegations of several incidents inside the agency. He first states that the General Director had assumed bureaucratic positions by hiring extra people not really needed. But his most important point was refering to the lack of responsibility of ATC, which was to blame for a near accident between Colombia's president a/c and another a/c, which were on a collision course and were given the alert only until they were 5kms apart. The president of Colombian ATC controllers said that what happened was because the President's plane, ready to depart had to change runways (Probably from 13R/L to 31L/R) due to some intelligence gathered. Further allegations from the chief of security continued to state that many ATC controllers have presented high level of alcohol in their blood. Finally he stated that only 3% of the total budget for Aerocivil is destined to the security department.

The link is here, in spanish:


Well I think the fact they changed the runways is bull. If there was intelligence that someone was trying to shoot down Mr. Uribe's a/c, he wouldn't have taken off in the first place. Too bad of an incident, nonetheless.

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