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MSY News

Fri Feb 11, 2000 10:52 am

1)TWA will discontinue its MSY-MEX flight shortly, while at the same time add a MSY-LGA flight. Expect a press release from the airline shortly.

2)America West will be adding a daily 737-300 nonstop on the MSY-PHX route in May, with the possibility of RJ service to CMH in the near future. Press release available next week probably, if not sooner.

Well, it's a shame that the MEX flight will stop. It was only getting roughly 45 pass. But it was at a time that was not convenient for business travellers. I'm happy about the LGA service though.

It's about time AWA will arrive in the Big Easy. Too bad it's not an A319, but it could change. Competition for Southwest.

Sorry I moved from SXM, looking for a new house on Anguilla now!

HP In New

Fri Feb 11, 2000 12:06 pm

A couple of your comments regarding AWA are interesting. First, I’ve been saying for a long time that they should add MSY, so that’s good news. Yes, the A319 is nice, but their 737-300s have more seats. Maybe they are anticipating a need for more capacity than the A319 would offer; I actually would have expected the A320. I hope to see service from LAS and CMH as well and more than one flight per day. The RJ tidbit is interesting—if that’s right, Columbus is turning into a Mesa hub.

Does anyone know how Southwest has been doing on their PHX-MSY run? I flew that route once, but that’s not a good indicator.