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IAD To DCA: Best Way And Time?

Thu May 27, 2004 8:07 am

Hey gang! I have a friend and co-worker going to DCA to train some agents for Alaska. Returning he will be training till the evening then flying from IAD. Whats is the best way to get there? How long does it take?

Is there a train?
Bus's, and how long do they take?


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RE: IAD To DCA: Best Way And Time?

Thu May 27, 2004 8:34 am


On my trip to DC at the end of April we paid $50 dollars for a taxi to take us from IAD to downtown (foggy bottom) not really worth it if you ask me. Anyhow later in the week we needed to get back to IAD to rent a car, and chose to take the metro and the Washington flyer shuttle. For about 1.20 or so I think it was, you can take the metro(light-rail/subway) from downtown or directly from DCA. To the West Falls church metro station where for $8 one-way a motor coach will take you to IAD. Takes about twice as long as a taxi but well worth it in my book. Especially for those non-reving AS needing the ability to switch airports cheaply if necessary. Anyhow try these links
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RE: IAD To DCA: Best Way And Time?

Thu May 27, 2004 11:37 am

Linemechqx explained the option I would recommend if you have time: Metro to West Falls Church station connecting to the Washington flyer shuttle.

A faster but more expensive option is to just take the Washington Flyer shuttle the whole way from DCA-IAD. Visit the websites that were mentioned.

Cabs are a rip-off and some won't even take you to IAD because technically they can't pick up passengers for the return journey to downtown D.C. or wherever.
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