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Düsseldorf Airport

Tue Jan 12, 1999 11:41 pm

I used to live in Lohausen, the village at one end of the main runway at Düsseldorf. This was heaven. An international airport on my doorstep. It was the first time that I've ever been able to fly to an airport and then walk home. At the time, I believe that Düsseldorf was the second busiest airport in Germany (now overtaken by Munich 2), and there was always an interesting mix of traffic. However, I left Düsseldorf in 91 or 92 and haven't really been back. When I left, there was a lot of road building going on. This was blocking off a great vantage point at the end of the runway beyond the Lohausen tram stop, but there were other roads too, including a new Rhine crossing.

I was wondering if anyone has been back to the airport since the tragic fire of April 11, 1996. How much was closed? How much is open again? How are the new plans for Airport 2000 going? Is the viewing gallery over pier B still open? I have a KLM voucher which runs out in April. I'm wondering if it's worth using it to spend the day back in DUS, or whether I should use it on something more interesting.