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Vanguard Merchantman G-APEP

Sun May 30, 2004 12:04 am

Today and Brooklands Museum in the UK, Vanguard Merchantman G-APEP took her final taxi under her own power before being moved to a new static display at the museum on Wednesday 2nd June.

She taxied twice along the remaining section of the Brooklands runway in front of a good number of spectators before shutting down her engines for the last time.

She will be moved on Wednesday 2nd June to her new location at the museum, but must first take a precarious trip over a bridge which will involve some carefully planned maneuvers up ramps to raise the height of the engines so they clear the bridge structure. This may be in interesting sight to see so it may be worth a visit.

This could well have been the very final time that a Vanguard operated under it's own power. Certainly a sight I've not seen for many years.

I have uploaded some shots, so let's hope they are accepted.

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RE: Vanguard Merchantman G-APEP

Sun May 30, 2004 1:03 am


Although the Vanguard was quite a rare airplane I used to see it quite often during the 70's. BEA and latter British Airways used to have a cargo flight from LHR to LIS operating the Merchantman. The planes had the last BEA livery with British Airways titles. Beside BA cargo the only time I saw a Merchantman in LIS was a ABC Cargo, G-APES. In the summer of 1980 I had the chance to visit East Middlands and at that time I remember seeing for the first time the latest ABC livery after the really simple one with a red line in the fuselage and the titles ABC in the tail.
Good memories from this airplane.
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