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Aircraft Type Ratings At The Majors

Sun May 30, 2004 10:02 am

Hi all,

I'm just curious as to how many aircraft type ratings pilots have with the US majors. For instance, I know that at DL, pilots are qualified to fly within the 767 family (and I believe the 757 as well) and that their assignments actually do rotate between the different variants of the 767 (-200, -300, as well as the 757-200). I understand the 764 is a different rating or something along those lines. How is it at other majors? What about pilots who fly narrowbodies? Are UA 737 pilots type rated to fly any other types at UA?

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RE: Aircraft Type Ratings At The Majors

Sun May 30, 2004 8:11 pm

If you are type rated on the 737 then if it is the 300-500 series then you can fly that type. You need to go thru upgrade training to fly the NG's. The 757/767 fleet type commanality is there because it is the same procedures and systems to fly that type. The 767-400 and 777 at DL are 2 different type ratings and you need to be type rated on both.

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