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JetBlue's Innaugural Flight...TODAY...

Sat Feb 12, 2000 5:56 am

Today was the first ever flight for the U.S.'s newest airline!!! A 3.5 hour flight from JFK to FLL!!!

I saw the preview for this last night in the weather channel; they showed the interior (all leather seats) which had TV's in the back of every seat!!!

Looked great!!!

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RE: JetBlue's Innaugural Flight...TODAY...

Sat Feb 12, 2000 6:13 am

I hope someone's out there taking pictures. How many flights on this route daily?
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RE: JetBlue's Innaugural Flight...TODAY...

Sat Feb 12, 2000 1:59 pm

I hope you mean 2.5 hours.
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RE: JetBlue's Innaugural Flight...TODAY...

Sat Feb 12, 2000 3:47 pm

I just saw a review of the past 48 hours for the CEO on CNN. It showed how he was getting ready for his big day. I will have to admit to see a narrowbody aircraft with all those ptv's is awesome, but like everything there is a catch, you will have to pop another 5 dollars to watch the satelite tvs. That is when they get them certified by the FAA, they are expected to be certified within the next few weeks. Another funny thing to add was one of the first VIP flights was stuck in Buffalo due to fog, if my mind serves me correctly the mayor of new york city and one of New York's US Senators was on that flight. I do believe that this airline will do much better than the how many ever other start ups that have gone to the dumps since deregulation.


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RE: JetBlue's Innaugural Flight...TODAY...

Sun Feb 13, 2000 8:48 am

I have been a fan of this airline since their inception (or when I heard about it one year ago).

They have been given high praise by some of the most picky travel columnists out there.

I think they're going to spend relatively little on advertising and gonig to rely on "world of mouth," so they have to be good.

I'm so excited for this... did anyone attend the ceremony or get pictures of it?

- Neil Harrison