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What Type Of IFE Does Korean Air Have?

Mon May 31, 2004 3:30 am

What type of IFE does Korean Air provide for their Economy/ Y-class customers? And are there different systems on different aircraft? For example, I know they fly their B777-200ER to ATL, ORD and DFW, sometimes SFO; their 747-400 to JFK via ANC, LAX, and sometimes SFO. What types of IFE are available on these fights in economy? Do any of their aircraft have PTVs in Y?

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RE: What Type Of IFE Does Korean Air Have?

Mon May 31, 2004 6:04 am

I consider IFE in Y to be a downside among the services KE offers. I've taken both their 772 and 744 transpacific flights and some short hauls extensively; and can attest that there's really not much to get yourself entertained in Y. Typically, you only get to watch two movies (or 3?) during the 5600-mile flight. There're no PTVs in Y on either type of aircraft; and you have to twist your neck toward the big screen in the middle. Good luck if you have a window seat two or three rows from the bulkhead and you happen to like the movies. The experience is worse if you do not understand Korean as from time to time they show a Korean movie with only English subtitles. Apart from the movies you will see some other short programs such as Candid Cameras, Korean MTVs, and sometimes Korean style TV parties. Toward the end of the flight they usually show arrival/departure and immigration information of the airport where you land. Personally I prefer the 744 to 772 largely because there seem to be more leg room in the jumbo.

Still I do not have any complaints about KE since I usually just ignore the IFE part and try to catch as much sleep as possible. The F/As are friendly and helpful. On a quick note, we were once diverted to Jeju island due to dense fog in Incheon, the F/As did everything they could to make our two-hour plus stay inside the 744 less irritating. When we finally landed at ICN, everyone clapped their hands, partly for fact that the captain was able to land the plane safely in very thick fog (I did not see anything of the airport until we were some less than 100 yards from the gate), and partly for the F/As' hard work during this exceptional 17-hour flight.

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