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Re: BA 777 On The CDG Route?

Tue Jun 01, 2004 5:50 am

Does anyone know if the 777 has ever operated on inter european routes, particularly the CDG route from LHR? I know that one of the original requirements when BA evaluated the 777 against the A330/MD11 as a Tristar replacement was the ability to take on its role as an a/c able to fly long haul and also busy,short inter european routes such as LHR-CDG. Anyone know if the 777 ever performed that role?
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Re: BA 777 On The CDG Route?

Tue Jun 01, 2004 5:52 am

it did
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Re: BA 777 On The CDG Route?

Tue Jun 01, 2004 6:05 am

BA used to operate B763 and B752 on various of the daily LHR-BRU flights. However a few months ago BA switched to smaller equipment on all flights due to the very stiff competition from Eurostar.

I would believe that Eurostar may have had a similar impact on the CDG-LHR route, therefore making it less likely to see the BA 777 regularly on this route.

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Re: BA 777 On The CDG Route?

Tue Jun 01, 2004 6:06 am

A 777 was used to transport Tony Blair (Prime Minister) around Europe, but I don't think it's ever been used for paying passengers. The 767 is used to many destinations including BRU, AB) (FRA / FRF / EDDF), Germany">FRA and so on.
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Re: BA 777 On The CDG Route?

Tue Jun 01, 2004 6:08 am

....... and I missed it.

I was on a business trip to Paris, opted to drive down to LHR to catch the 777, rather than fly from BHX. It was flying LHR to Orly.

My company booked me into a hotel in Slough rather than at LHR. By the time I found the hotel, parked my car and caught the shuttle bus, I missed the flight and had to get a 757 to CDG instead.

Some of my colleagues who caught the 777 said the the cabin was not quite finished - holes in the seat backs waiting for the PTVs.

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Re: BA 777 On The CDG Route?

Tue Jun 01, 2004 6:13 am

Here is a photo of a BA 777 in CDG

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Photo © Michel GILLIAND

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Re: BA 777 On The CDG Route?

Tue Jun 01, 2004 6:22 am

The 777 flew LHR-CDG for BA only during pre-service 'shakedown' flights. I guess they didn't want it to venture too far from home.....

No BA 777s are configured with Club Europe/Euro Traveller seating. They've all got some form of longhaul configuration, either F/J/W/Y or J/W/Y.

The largest aircraft you'll see regularly scheduled on European routes is the 767-300, used most often on AB) (FRA / FRF / EDDF), Germany">FRA, MXP and LIS runs.

Of course, when extreme circumstances apply, this all goes out the window. I have flown Newcastle-LHR on a 767-300 due to the Hatfield rail crash, during the Cabin Crew strike a few years ago BA sent a 747-400 to CDG to bring back stranded passengers and there is even a photo of a BA 777 in the db at a domestic Terminal 1-LHR gate operating a 'Shuttle' flight.