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Nwa.com Reservations Down?!?

Thu Jun 03, 2004 5:45 am

I've been trying to check flights for the last two days on nwa.com and, particularly when searching for Award Travel to compare, have been largely unsuccessful. To this very minute, the server returns a "technical difficulties" page when searching for any fare type; most often that has occurred when seeing if Award Travel is available though.

First of all, do any of you NW employees know if there are some wholesale server changes going on? Secondly and more generally, when an airline's reservations server goes down (i.e. on its website, not Sabre or other third-party server per se), roughly how much would you suppose that costs an airline per day? per hour? While my business isn't going to make or break anyone's bottom line, I'm sure enough failed reservations result in the loss of business.

Just curious...hopefully it comes back fully functional soon enough!

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RE: Nwa.com Reservations Down?!?

Thu Jun 03, 2004 9:00 am

Award reservation @ http://res.nwa.com is working fine now.
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