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What About A300/310 Production Substitution?

Wed Jun 09, 2004 7:19 pm

First: sorry when this already has been discussed, but even a new discussion might put some interesting inputs...!

Since the A300 and A310 are no more produced (?), I was wondering what kind of Airbus plane will next be developed, especially keeping in view the interesting B7E7 project!

The A300 and A310 are very nice aeroplanes, suiting many airlines, especiallt for MR routes. I do not really see the 330 as a substitution, since its somehow designed for LR.

Now, Airbus is very busy with the 380 still, which of course has priority. I see a danger that Airbus could loose a big market share to Boeing, when the 7E7 sees the sky.

Do you guys think that Airbus is already working on the replacement of its A300/310 production with some new type so that it does not loose the market?
What kind of aircraft will be next considered to develop (do you suspect as me a widebody MR, like the A300/310, albeit with new technique)? is this considered to happen soon?
Do you agree, if this does not happen soon, than Airbus could loose important market shares to Boeing?
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RE: What About A300/310 Production Substitution?

Wed Jun 09, 2004 8:02 pm

First, the A300 is still in production, albeit only as a freighter, for UPS and Air Hong Kong.

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Second, I agree that Airbus needs to react if it wants to avoid losing too much share to Boeing with the 7E7. In the past, there already were plans for a new-generation widebody, which essentially was a shortened A330 with a wing based on that of the A300-600. Those plans, however, never materialised.
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RE: What About A300/310 Production Substitution?

Wed Jun 09, 2004 8:13 pm

I think that the A-310/300 are still in production. There has been a pic of a new assembled A-300 or A-310 (can't remember) here on Anet last week.

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RE: What About A300/310 Production Substitution?

Wed Jun 09, 2004 9:17 pm

I think Airbus should produce an A300 sized baseline model but keeping in mind a shrink version. They should use the same cross section but with a higher use of composites and uncooperative bleedless technology into it. They should then shrink it to an A310 sized plane, which would be suitable to replace 757's possibly too. If they can offer the first delivery by 2012 i think they will be able to take a fair share of the market. The advantage of arriving second in the race is that you know how good you need to make the aircraft and are not just guessing large numbers.

Once they have the new technology on the A300/310 then could possibly consider updating the rest of the 8-abrests A/C incorporating the bleedless and composite architecture. This would be much later though, around 2018.

Also according to the Airbus site there are still 5 A310's for Iran Air on order but i think these are cancelled.