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Several Questions

Fri Jun 11, 2004 1:48 am

I've got a number of questions and to open several topic's isn't that handy, so that's why in one topic.

First, I know what this plane did in EIN, but where did it go on the 6th of June?

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Photo © Sven De Bevere

Why, and most important, how do airliners choose their names for aircraft.
Example: KL's City of Nairobi, City of Lima.

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Photo © Grant Feggi

I know that if a plane's name is "City of Nairobi" is doesn't have to mean it (only) flies to Nairobi but still... why give a 747 the name "City of Nairobi" if KL's 767's fly there. If a 767 had that name, it would make more sense.

Are there any airliners that operate ONLY Boeing or ONLY Airbus aircraft and if they do, WHY? I know for example FR only flies Boeing, but...why?

Does anybody know when all plane's of NW will be in the new livery? A few days ago I was at AMS and I saw a MD DC-30-10 from NW in the 'old' livery. Ugly, compared to the new one  Smile

How many plane's does KL have in her fleet and how much of each plane? Are all 777's delivered and I heard that KL is going to get A330's, is this true?

Thanks a lot for any reply!


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RE: Several Questions

Fri Jun 11, 2004 1:53 am

I guess the "flying Pentagon" was at EIN, as the comment of the pics says, coz of D-day, not sure though!

So far as i know all the 747, carry city names and 737 / MD-11 names of famous people, not sure about the other planes in the fleet..
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RE: Several Questions

Fri Jun 11, 2004 1:53 am

KLM's names for their aircraft are pretty good - if I recall correctly...

737's - Explorers (Dutch and others - same as the DC8's)
DC9's - European cities
A310's - Painters (Dutch I think)
MD11's - famous women
767's - famous bridges
777 - Aviation pioneers (names from the old 747-200/SUDs)
744 - World cities starting with the last letter of the reg eg. PH-BFN City of Nairobi. The city is always (or wherever possible) a KLM destination (current or past)
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RE: Several Questions

Sat Jun 12, 2004 4:53 am

I'm also interested in the destination of the E-4B. Anybody?

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