United Express

Mon Feb 14, 2000 12:47 pm

What are United Express's future plans in there fleet movement? Do they plan to keep there planes for a while or do they have plans of buying new aircraft to replace there current ones or just as a fleet expansion?

Any help will be appreciated!

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RE: United Express

Mon Feb 14, 2000 2:01 pm

As UAEX is not any part of United, and it is made up of approximately 4-6 independent regional carriers, it's pretty hard to say what UAEX as a whole will do. I think that most of the inde. carriers will stay just about the same, with the exception of [possibly] a few more RJ's.

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RE: United Express

Mon Feb 14, 2000 11:18 pm

Air Wisconsin has currently a tender going on for new regional aircrafts. The 428JET from Fairchild Aerospace seems to be in the lead. In addition BAe tries to sell their Avro RJ-X to them.

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