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Trip Report - 777 CO CDG-EWR

Tue Feb 15, 2000 3:20 am


I flew on February 11th on the Continental Airlines Boeing 777-224ER N78004 from Paris - Charles de Gaulle (CDG) to Newark (EWR).

I had actually an Air France ticket. I was due to fly an Air France's Boeing 747-428 to JFK. But there wasn't any seat left in that aircraft and there were only seats available in the code-share operated by Continental on EWR. So I took that one. I must say I was interested in flying the Triple 7.

The flight departed from CDG, terminal 2C. It is to say the Air France's terminal for flights to USA (all but Concorde, which is departing from 2A). We had take a bus to board the aircraft because there wasn't any gate available.
The 777 was quite clean from outside. The bus taxied just in the front of the huge GE90-92B, so many people including me were lucky to look at the engine from very close (yet it wasn't the first time I saw a GE90 so close).
Aboard ; the aircraft was as clean as outside.

The flight wasn't so full. About half of the second part of the coach class was empty, and many seats around me were empty as well.

The take-off was really great. We took off on the longest southern runway, next to terminal 2.

During the flight, we were served good meals and drinks. The PTVs are really good : they are easy to use and display information about the airline, some games, musics and films. The films were interesting. The only problem is that they were all displayed at the beginning of the flight and at the end there was nothing left to look...

The seats are very confortable, and they are well designed.

During the flight, you can watch where the a/c is. There was apparently some problems with winds, as the speed decreased a lot (500 km/hr) and the a/c took a different route from what was shown in the beginning.

We landed at EWR, home of Continental with IAH. That was the first time I went there. And we taxied next to the Continental 777 with the Peter Max drwing. I wish I had flown on this a/c, but at least I have seen it.

In overall : the Continental flight was really enjoyable.

Best regards,
Alain Mengus