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Guatemala, Airlines Change Schedules

Sun Jun 20, 2004 1:27 am

Does any body know why Delta will change its schedule starting on Dec. 1? Their current schedule goes :
flight 280 UA / MGGT), Guatemala">GUA - ATL 8:35-13:59
flight 265 ATL - UA / MGGT), Guatemala">GUA 17:55-19-27

They will change it to:
flight 280 UA / MGGT), Guatemala">GUA - ATL 14:00-18:17
flight 265 ATL - UA / MGGT), Guatemala">GUA 10:05-12:43

The reason I ask is because most of Delta's market in Guatemala is based on connecting flights. Most of the pax don't stay in ATL, they either connect to another city in the US or travel to Europe with them or a SkyTeam partner. The new schedule won't let passengers connect anywhere.

And does any body know why UA changed its flight number but kept the same schedule? The flight went from 888 and 889 to 844 and 845.
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RE: Guatemala, Airlines Change Schedules

Sun Jun 20, 2004 1:40 am

What do you mean the new flights won't let passengers connect anymore?

The new flight time leaves ATL at 10:05am....that's plenty of time for people throughout the US to connect. The flight returns to ATL a little after 6pm...again that's plenty of time for domestic connections.

The only thing it kills are the international connections, but I don't think DL had many of those to start with.

I think the reason DL is doing this is too improve utilization of the plane. The current schedule has the plane sitting in GUA for 13 hours!! In order to survive, DL must increase aircraft utilization. This also moves the departure time away from the evening when all the European flights are departing.

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