First Generation Jets

Wed Feb 16, 2000 6:14 am

I would like to know, does anyone here fly a first generation jet, like from the 737-200 back? I'd really love to know what it's like to fly a 727. One of my favorite aircraft. Also, does anybody know when the airlines, mostly Delta and American, will b getting rid of their 727s??????
It will be a very sad day when the last 727 flies. Also, has anyone been in a 727? What was it like? Were the seats comfortable and was it noisy? I'd kill to fly in an older jet like that. After all, they brought us into jet aviation, it's too bad we have to get rid of them.
The desert is no place for them, once being put into the desert, can they be restored for airline service, or are they stripped?
Very sad.  

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RE: First Generation Jets

Wed Feb 16, 2000 6:25 am

727'2 & 737 are second generation jets. The first generation were Comet's, 707's & DC-8's

RE: First Generation Jets

Wed Feb 16, 2000 8:29 am

Hello, CONTRAIL365, welcome to the forum.

While I cannot comment on when any of the airlines will retire their 727's, I suspect that it may be a while. Didn't UA just hushkit some of theirs? Can't say for sure nor do I know of AA's, DL's or any other carriers' plans for their 727's.

I've ridden the 727 and 737 many, many times and they have been no more or less comfortable than any other jet as it all depends upon the airline's seating configuration (pitch, primarily), seat design, choice of upholstery and how much cushioning they are willing to provide their passengers.

727's are not all that noisy unless you're seated next to either the No. 1 or No. 3 engine. However, sitting behind the wing on a 737-200 can just about ruin your hearing (an exaggeration, admittedly) on takeoff...very noisy.

The planes that brought us into the commercial jet age, however, are the ones that "VC-10" pointed out: The Comet, DC-8 and 707. I never got to fly on a Comet but I've had countless flights on the DC-8 and 707 and they were great. feel cheated for not yet having flown on a 727 and I'd kill to fly on a DC-3, DC-6, DC-7, "Connie", Viscount, Vanguard or Electra! At least I got to fly once on a Ford Trimotor...what a blast!!!


RE: First Generation Jets About Delta's

Wed Feb 16, 2000 11:34 am

Go to in their press release section for 1999 they have press release about PW buying all of Delta's 727's That will give you the dates for delta's retirements.

RE: First Generation Jets

Wed Feb 16, 2000 1:37 pm

Welcome to the forum, Contrail365. I'm a relatively new member myself, and though not an aviation "professional", I'm a big fan of anything that flies.

With respect to aircraft stored in the desert, some do return from the "boneyard" to fly again. During the last economic downturn in North America, for example, Air Canada stored some of its L1011's there, and brought them out of retirement when traffic volumes came back. They have since disposed of them permanently, but I believe some of those L1011's are still flying with other airlines (e.g. Air Transat, Delta).

Air Canada also stored three brand new 747-400's in the desert in the late 80's or early 90's that are now serving in their fleet.

Obviously not all stories end as happily, and many aircraft that are initially stored in the desert on a temporary basis are gradually "robbed" of their serviceable spare parts and eventually broken up. I guess it all comes down to dollars and cents -- is the cost:benefit ratio of returning the aircraft to service more or less favorable than breaking it up for spares, etc.?

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