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Last Plane To Have A Name?

Wed Feb 16, 2000 5:08 pm

Was the L1011 the last plane to be given a name? Tristar.
I find all these numbers now so confusing. When a number is mentioned, ones brain has to go into a computer mode and sort out the numbers until the plane comes to mind, but with a name, Jumbo, Constellation,Vanguard, Comet, Concorde, Stratocruiser, Viscount, Caravelle,etc.,etc. immediately a 'picture' of the airplane leaps to mind. Anyone know why Companies stopped giving planes names? Just wondering, because such a rich part of aircraft lore has disappeared. Peter


RE: Last Plane To Have A Name?

Wed Feb 16, 2000 5:55 pm

The A300-600ST is called Beluga. That is the last plane I remember to be named. But as far as I know all Soviet planes received NATO aliases. Not necessarily characterful ones, though. For example, would you think of the Il-62 if you heard the name "classic"?

The other thing is, today's planes lack character. The Jumbos and Tristars still had some character, but in the end, most people I know cannot even see the difference between a 757, a 767 and a 777. A name wouldn't help. Too bad that only few are interested in civilian aviation. Even on my aeronautical engineering course, most people are only insterested in the stupid military thingies, and none of them know much about civilian airliners.