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Accident Investigation Protocol

Thu Feb 17, 2000 2:25 am

What is the protocol involved? As I understand it, the parties allowed to participate (in the investigation) are :
1) the country where the accident took place
2) the country to which it (the aircraft) belongs
3) the country of the aircraft itself - eg France or Germany for Airbus, US for
Boeing etc. but only as observers.

4) where is the flight recorder "analysed"? - a third country? Many countries do not have such facilities and may be reluctant to send their recorders back tot he country of manufacture?

5) and this may be tempting fate*! What about countries where the airline is
multinational. For example, who investigates an SAS accident - Norway, Sweden or
Denmark? (I'm off to Scandinavia tomorrow, so I don't really want to think about SAS accidents!!)

6) what happens in countries like Ireland or Finland, where there is very little
in the way of accidents; how is experience maintained; is there any arrangement
between countries for investigators to participate in each other's accidents,
just to maintain currency? (If not, what would happen if, God forbid, we had a serious accident in Ireland, but without anyone having experience of dealing with one?)