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Thu Feb 17, 2000 7:01 am

What happened to them, why weren't they called the -400, why won't the -500 be called the -400, what airlines have them, where are they, are they still in production?????? Any other info.?
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RE: A340-8000

Thu Feb 17, 2000 7:04 am

I think Air Canada had orders for a couple, but cancelled them for whatever reason. I believe there is only a couple in the world.
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RE: A340-8000

Thu Feb 17, 2000 7:15 am

I believe that the A340-8000 is a A340-200 with longer range. Unfortnatly I can not find any info about this aircraft in the Airbus site.

RE: A340-8000

Thu Feb 17, 2000 7:30 am

It's believed that only two A340-8000s were ever built in addition to the prototype. These are being used by Royal Brunei Airlines, probably also by the Sultan of Brunei.
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RE: A340-8000

Thu Feb 17, 2000 7:53 am

To my knowledge, the A340-8000 (or is it 800?) still hasnt rolled off the line yet. Richard Branson had taken orders for them (for Virgin Atlantic) when I last checked in on it and Virgin Atlantic was to be the first airline to fly them. In regards to the 747-500x and 600x, forget about them. Boeing came up with plans for them only after Airbus first introduced plans to the public for the A3xx (soon to be the worlds largest airliner). Boeing realized what type of effort needed to be put into these aircraft and just didnt follow through. It's sad to see such a marvel fall through the cracks, but it happens.
In regard to the A3xx, it is to be 2 complete floors and many airlines have unveiled extravagant plans for them including possibily even movie theaters...

There Is Only One

Thu Feb 17, 2000 8:02 am

There is only one owned by the sultan of Brunie he actually gave it to his daughter! Some airline in Canada ordered some bu cancelled. Virgin ordered the 340-600 not the 340-8000. The reason for the 8000 is that is the aircrfas range!