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Saudi Arabian 747SP Mystery!

Thu Jul 01, 2004 3:00 am

Hey guys,

I write to you all from Cairo, Egypt, where I will be spending the next month visiting family and sightseeing. The flat at which I am staying happens to be right in the approach path for the airport, so I have been doing quite a bit of spotting afterall. A few minutes ago I walked out onto the balcony and happened to see an SVA 747SP flying by at just that moment.....Talk about luck!! I could not recognize the registration with my binoculars, but I did note what looked like a half deployed reverser on the No.4 engine. After searching in the database I noticed that the only one of their three 747SPs with this distinctive mark was HZ-AIF, so I had a reg. number afterall!

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Photo © Oliver Brunke
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Photo © Blackie Photography

After running around the apartment for a few minutes, expressing my joy, I began to think what this partly deployed reverser was all about. I have noticed that this is only a recent trademark of the particular aircraft. The No.4 cowl was at it's normal position in all the shots taken before January of this year. I can find no explanation for this mystery, but I'm sure there must be a logical reason. Any and all information regarding this interesting occurrence would be very much appreciated!! Smile

-Omar S.
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