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ATA Crewmembers Ratify Concessions

Thu Jul 01, 2004 10:14 am

ATA announced its cockpit crewmembers represented by ALPA have ratified Letters of Agreement which amend the existing CBA to save the company approximately $70 million over the next three years and extend the agreement's ammendable date to 2007. The ammendments become effective tomorrow and include a new pay scale for a new 100 to 110 seat aircraft type.

"We are extremely proud of our strong relationship between our employee labor unions and management," said George Mikelsons, ATA Chairman and CEO. "ATA is very pleased with the outcome of this negotiation and, in particular, with the speed in which the negotiation was completed. Several other carriers have been in concessionary discussions for months, if not years, and have yet to obtain an agreement. Our whole process was completed in 75 days, which speaks to the tremendous commitment our cockpit crewmembers share with all ATA employees."
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RE: ATA Crewmembers Ratify Concessions

Thu Jul 01, 2004 12:25 pm

I wonder if the next announcement will be an agreement on the purchase of 717's.

I spoke with an ATA 737 captain last weekend and he said he was against the concessions(he seemed to be frustrated about the state of things).

Now if we only could figure out how to fly into MDW efficiently....these ATC delays are killing us.


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