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Employment (US Airways)

Fri Jul 02, 2004 2:43 am


I've been contemplating heading down for an open interview for US Airways at PHL for a Fleet Service Agent so I have a part-time job during the school year. They're hiring like crazy right now. I have a full 40 hour a week internship at an office right now for the summer. They've asked me to work during the school year, but they're not open on weekends, and I would want to put in some good hours at a job during the weekend. My school schedule is pretty open (I go for 3 hours in the morning 3 days a week and for 4 hours in late afternoon/early evening 2 days a week), so I don't think I would have trouble with scheduling shifts. I just had a couple of questions before I make my decision:

1. Is it easy to pick up shifts/get people to take shifts?
2. Are you required to work a certain number of hours per week?
3. Can you take off whenever as long as you get someone to cover for you?
4. What do they make you do during the "physical capacity" screenings. I'm not really worried about it, but I was just curious.

This is open to all airline employees to answer, as well as US Airways employees specifically. Thanks for your help!!!

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