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Can A Grumman Cheetah Do Aerobatics?

Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:48 am

I couldn't decide which topic this would fall under, so I decided to place it here. There is more action on this particular forum than any of the others. My father is inquiring about purchasing a Grumman Cheetah, which is the four place version of the Grumman Yankee. I am thinking about getting in on it, but my question is, can a Cheetah aerobatic friendly?

I'm not trying to be Patty Wagstaff or Sean Tucker or anything like that. Not trying to spin Hammerheads or Inverted Spins. But the inside of the airplane looks so sporty that I don't know if I could resist putting that thing into some nice, light aerobatic maneuvers. There are some airplanes that just aren't made for it. Ever try to pull a Cessna 172 through a loop? Ain't gonna happen. Once you get to the top of the loop, the plane just falls straight off its back. Plus it puts a lot of stress on the plane, something that isn't worth it.

So is the Yankee/Cheetah/Tiger light aerobatic friendly, and without stressing the airframe too much? Maybe someone who owns one might know what she is capable of? Thanks for the help.
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