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UK's 'Top Gear' Tests Effect Of Jet Blast

Wed Jul 07, 2004 11:00 pm

A tiny car was lifted up and thrown along a runway at Glasgow Prestwick yesterday after being caught by the full blast from a giant Boeing 747's jet engines.

But no-one was injured, as it was a carefully-staged stunt which was being filmed for BBC'S "Top Gear".

And Glasgow Prestwick took the opportunity to film the sequence for safety training purposes.

In the unusual stunt, the green Citroen 2CV was effortlessly lifted by the blast from the jumbo jet's engines, travelling more than 100 metres and overturning before crashing down again at the side of the runway.

The programme, to be broadcast on July 18, is all about engine power.

The Virgin Atlantic 747 is normally used for long-haul flights from London to America, the Caribbean and South Africa.

A spokesman for Glasgow Prestwick said: "We were happy to provide facilities at the airport because of the important safety angle.

"Here at Prestwick we handle twenty 747 freighters a week, the largest number in the UK, and we took the opportunity to capture the entire sequence on video as part of our safety training. It was a graphic and salutary demonstration of the awesome power of a 747's engines."
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RE: UK's 'Top Gear' Tests Effect Of Jet Blast

Wed Jul 07, 2004 11:05 pm

Here's another thread about it, including a link with photos.
It's Scandinavian