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Baggage Allowance

Thu Jul 08, 2004 3:08 am

I have a question about easyjets baggage allowance. If anyone has had a question about easyjet and were unable to find the answer on their website than you will know how difficult they are to get hold of. My question is easyjet have a baggage allowance of 20kgs per person, if a couple turned up with a bag that weighed over 20kgs that had both their stuff in would they get charged excess baggage or would it be better to take 2 cases of luggage weighing under 20kgs? And does the answer apply to other carriers??
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RE: Baggage Allowance

Thu Jul 08, 2004 5:28 am

Better to take 2 bags for these reasons:
1. Any single bag over a max weight will not be carried (32kg? EU directive, saves the poor baggage handler's backs)
2. When easyJet lose your bag, you'll have a 2nd bag to fall back on. Hence pack some of each other's clothing in each other's bag.
3. You won't have to carry your wife's 50 pairs of shoes.

As to the specific answer... don't know.

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