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Emery 17 Crash Update

Fri Feb 18, 2000 10:36 pm

This morning I called the Emery ramp chief at GSO to find out any news about the crash. It's almost certainly a case of the loaders not putting up the locks on a partial load. He thought that positions #2-4 on the plane were empty, and the loaders probably forgot to put the locks up at can #5. It was left to slide about 22 feet down the fuselage, causing massive balance disturbances as it slammed back and forth. The can could have been 2 tons or more.

Even worse, the people who made the mistake were from my company (Miami), who do the ramp service for Emery in Sacramento.

That plane came through GSO last week, and my friend said the rails, flooring, and locks on it were in fine shape. It was just a case of unbeleiveable ignorance on our part.
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RE: Emery 17 Crash Update

Fri Feb 18, 2000 11:11 pm

that crash is going to bring alot of change to loading aircraft, the FAA has allready admitted to not having people to ramp ck loading/ weight & balance policy & proceedures. who ever left them locks down should be feeling pretty bad right know, my prayers go out to all envolved.

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RE: Emery 17 Crash Update

Sat Feb 19, 2000 12:25 am

Heard on the news last night that the pilot of that plane came from my area in upstate NY.
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RE: Emery 17 Crash Update

Sat Feb 19, 2000 7:13 am

What might have been a similar situation may have occurred on a Reeve flight I was on. I was on N178RV, a Lockheed Electra combi aircraft flying from Anchorage to Dutch Harbor. We had just made a right turn onto the departure runway at ANC when we heard a loud bang from the front of the aircraft. We pulled off the take-off runway and the captain announced that some cargo had shifted, so we would be delayed until they could secure it. If we had taken off, maybe the same thing would have happened to us that happened to the Emery aircraft.

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RE: NY Pilot

Sat Feb 19, 2000 8:51 am

The Captain of that flight was from Berlin, New York. First and Second officers were from Placerville, (45 miles east from Sacramento) and Sparks (near Reno), NV. The Second officer got married last month. Tragedy indeed for all three families.
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RE: Emery 17 Crash Update

Mon Feb 21, 2000 4:24 am

First of all,my heartfelt thoughts go to their relatives&families left behind....I feel for them!
-How the h...(xuse the harsh language)can a ground crew be so ignorant not to lock the ULDs and thus leaving it free to slide away....that´s basic knowledge,right??
There can be as many as five locks per position,a fully loaded ULD or heavy pallett,sits secured in it´s position with three out of five locks put up..
Any ramp rat knows that...
Here at ARN we don´t accept anything else than all locks up,if one´s broken,we tie the ULD/pallett with heavy straps so that it won´t move.
I do really feel for the Loadmaster/Crew Chief that in fact signed the loadsheet....he´s responsible,even though one or more of his groundcrew failed to secure the load.
Even so,he ought to have checked the locks before signing the LS......but beeing a CrewChief myself,I know that sometimes you just have to trust your crew in doing it by the book....
But when something like this´re all alone,and you´re very,very small......