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Spotting In Palma!

Sat Jul 10, 2004 11:56 pm


I'm trekking off to Palma next saturday, for a week. I was just wondering if there was anywhere in the terminal to spot, prior to my return flight. I will be in the terminal for about 3 hours and will want to see some "action," however i wont be able to go very far out the terminal.

Also, just in case is there anywhere around the airfield that have good views across the runways/ramp. I probably won't be going to the airport on a seperate day, as this is supposed to be a "relaxing" holiday, but you never know  Big grin.

Also, for general info, what runway/s are generally used for landing/departing, and do they usually depart/arrive on the 6's or the 24's?

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RE: Spotting In Palma!

Sun Jul 11, 2004 2:27 am

Hardly any good views inside the terminal - plenty from the perimeter, but all need a car to get too as they're way too far to walk to.

Normal landing patterns seem to be morning arrivals over the beach, and then late morning the wind swings fairly suddenly and the rest of the day landings are from inland.

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