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Spotting Tips Needed

Sun Jul 11, 2004 3:25 am

Who's got some tips for me about spotting in the following places.
And especially about the security.... is spotting allowed ?

*IAH Houston from inside the terminal
*EWR Newark from inside the terminal
*MGA Managua (Nicaragua)
*TGU Tegucigalpa (Honduras)

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RE: Spotting Tips Needed

Sun Jul 11, 2004 6:07 am

I cannot give any advice for MGA or TGU, but I do know the when I flew CO through EWR and IAH, my movement was fairly limited. Unlike other airports, such as ATL, ORD, etc. for example - you cannot jump from concourse to concourse once you've passed security at EWR. It is very tight, rightly so. I took a few decent photos, but they were mostly CO 737s and ERJs, some US and Song, with a few others possible with zoom from the gate areas at the ends of the terminal. As far as IAH, my connections most recently were less than an hour to MSY and then it was at night back through. I do know the KLM and TACA park in the same area as some CO flights, so if you would like to collect these airlines, you might find them to be a good sight! I certainly enjoyed the 744 on its way to AMS in the very gate next to us and I was pleased to see a CO 777 roll by during my short stay in the day. I am not into self-promotion, but you can review my profile and check my website for some personal photos of the airlines above to see the type of photos you might expect.