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SR 747's Retire

Sat Feb 19, 2000 4:44 am

Can some of you ZRH spotters tell me if HB-IGE got any kind of send-off for its last flight? We gave it a water cannon salute here at ATL. It almost seems to me that SR is without a flagship until the 340's arrive.
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RE: SR 747's Retire

Sat Feb 19, 2000 5:32 am

I wanted to go out to Boston to watch the last 747 flight here, but alas I couldn't. I believe we too gave a water gun salute, and there was some kind of party with gifts to the pax. SR then began A330-200 service with the special fare of one full priced ticket to Zürich, and a companion ticket for $3.30. I always liked that 747, and I esecially liked it in the new livery.


P.S. When was the last New York 747 flight with a 747?
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RE: SR 747's Retire

Sat Feb 19, 2000 5:44 am

Whats even worse is that Swissair will have to wait a little longer for the A-340NG. Airbus is having massive problems with the wing structure and fuselage strength. Another problem was mentioned on the forum, underpowerment.