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Why It Matters (Continuation)

Sat Feb 19, 2000 6:52 am

My apologies for starting a new thread, my previous post was 'archived', but there are a few closing statements I would like to make regarding the award being given to a black (not African American) woman at Boeing:

C-GAGN, you are quite right, and I apologize for having pointed the finger at all, and especially for having pointed it at Boeing.

Everyone else:
The issue of racism, it has been suggested, is not related to aviation. I am Jewish, in heritage and raising, and have no ill feelings towards Hitler because in my opinion he was mentally insane, so why get mad at him? The same thing applies to the comment made in my previous thread that '...because they were enslaved...for hundreds of years...', this is no excuse for them still holding onto the color of their skin. If a black-women's group or any other group gives awards to black-women or any other person, they themselves are singling out that individual as different. Typically this is a good thing, but in my opinion it keeps open old wounds where someone took advantage of that difference.
And now on to aviation. This has to do with aviation because, in a simplicity that will probably pass over some heads here, she works for Boeing. The fact that she works for Boeing means nothing, the fact that she works for a company which builds the future, which helps human kind, and which does a good job of a complex task does, and the fact that that company happens to build nothing other than airliners relates it to aviation. Someone, by now, is saying 'that's a pretty long string of logic.' Yes, perhaps, but I'm not prepaired to simply let this slide by because it hasn't got directly to do with aviation. It is, in my opinion, far superior to some of the other posts on this forum that supposedly have to do with aviation. This is the human side of building airplanes, I'm sorry if ones feelings don't extend beyond the fuselages to the people who build them.
Finally, it bears pointing out that in the past a number of my posts have been criticized for similar reasons, specifically the DC-10/L-1011 comparisons I put up a while ago. For some reason people turn everything into competition. I am not being competitive here, I am stating my opinion about an aviation-related topic. With the DC-10/L-1011 I was posting the truth, and before that I complimented both airliners, but almost everyone that responded still thought I was competing the two against each other. Here, with this racism issue, as with most others, I am simply making you aware of a problem in the world. I see no need to turn this into an argument and it hurts me that I've had to post this to clear it up. Do not expect me to dignify any further conflicting comments with a response.

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