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How Does A City Earn Airline Service?

Tue Jul 13, 2004 7:53 am

I've lived in Boca Raton (BCT), FL since 1980 and the area has grown tremendously. I know MIA, FLL, PBI are all within an hour, but I am positive that BCT would be able to handle a B1900, DH8 or even a CRJ given the runway here. How does a city or airport go about getting airline service - especially when it is basically a reliever airport. I am positive that the growing population (near 100,000) would welcome even commuter service to the Bahamas, MCO, TPA, etc.

Los Angeles has ONT, SNA, BUR, LAX and LGB - obviously BCT is nowhere near capable of that type of expansion - but prop service or RJ service would be feasible.

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RE: How Does A City Earn Airline Service?

Tue Jul 13, 2004 8:24 am

since you live in boca, i'm sure you are aware of the attitude of most of the population and of the boca raton city government. they are EXTREMELY anti-BCT expansion. they are pro-PBI. they have been working with PBI to promote use of PBI among boca residents. it took years just to get them to allow another FBO besides boca aviation. there are also state/federal regulations that prevent BCT from getting true traditional commercial service. on top of that, i'm not certain that BCT could truly sustain scheduled commercial service. if they could, i'm positive that it would only be in season. all this is strictly hypothetical anyway - BCT will not see commercial service anytime soon.