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Alaska Airlines Fleet Question

Sat Feb 19, 2000 10:03 am

Does anybody out there know how many total of each type of aircraft that Alaska Airlines flies?

Also, does anyone know of a website that lists aircraft fleets grouped together by airline, rather than by aircraft (as in Bill Harms' site).


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RE: Alaska Airlines Fleet Question

Sat Feb 19, 2000 4:29 pm

This one is pretty good, directs you to the faa
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RE: Alaska Airlines Fleet Question

Sat Feb 19, 2000 9:48 pm

Try the following....

not sure how accurate it is though, also try...

Hope it helps!


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RE: Alaska Airlines Fleet Question

Sun Feb 20, 2000 8:37 am

I haven't gone to any of those sites, so this is right off the top of my head:

MD-80s: 35-1=34
737-400s: 42
737-700s: 5
737-200 combis: 8

Grand total of 89. The 737-700 number will continue to rise, and next year, 737-900s will begin to arrive.

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