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BA 777 At DIA All Day Yesterday (15th) Why & How?

Fri Jul 16, 2004 11:30 pm

I spent a great deal of time around DIA yesterday and noticed that there was a British 777 sitting at the UA hanger all day. I'm not sure when it left, or if it is still there because I had to "take-off" so-to-speak. Big grin

Anyhow, what does BA do with this when they want to put the a/c back on route to London? I would figure that another BA 777 arrived, as usual, last night. So do they spread-out the pax on both airliners back to LHR?

Anybody care to add their two cents worth of how this usually works?

And, I almost forgot, what was the deal with the sitting 777?
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RE: BA 777 At DIA All Day Yesterday (15th) Why & H

Sat Jul 17, 2004 2:25 am

I dont have any info on why but apparetnly flight BA 218 was supposed to depart Denver at 20:50 on July 14th did not depart untill late at night on the 15 and it arrived at LHR more that 12 horus later on Friday 16 at 17:40. HJopefully someone got a shot with possibly 3 BA 777 on Thursday July 15th at Dnever, the bad one, the replacement and the scheduled flight for Thursday