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Aeroflot's Western Equipment

Sun Feb 20, 2000 12:44 am

When did Aeroflot get it's first western aircraft? Also, were they A310s or 737s?

They had never used any western gear during the cold war years, did they?
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RE: Aeroflot's Western Equipment

Sun Feb 20, 2000 12:59 am

Aeroflot's first western equipment were the A310-300s which were aquired in the early 1990s after some complex negotiations. The aircraft were a mixture of new and second hand aircraft, the latter coming from Pan Am/Delta and Diamond Sakha.

Next came the 767-300 (I think) which then left the fleet when the 777-200 arrived. The airline has 2 777-200s powered by the GE90 engines.

Recently some new 767-300s were ordered which have since been taken delivery of.

Aeroflot also had (I don't know if it still has it) a single DC-10-30F to operate cargo flights.

The 737-400s were only delivered fairly recently, in the last couple of years. Are there 10 of them?

You can check all the current Aeroflot fleet at:
Just click on the appropriate aircraft type!

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RE: Aeroflot's Western Equipment

Sun Feb 20, 2000 4:06 am

I seem to remember seeing a DC-8-60 in AFL colors on the cover of Airliners Monthly News about 10 years ago.

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