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Undisclose Orders

Sun Feb 20, 2000 8:28 am

I have always wondered what is the point
of an 'undisclosed' order from the costumers
point of view. I do know that they usually say
airlines do it to hide their business plans (e.g
fleet renewal policies, etc). BUT, you can
read/hear rumours who is behind an
undisclosed order, and I am pretty sure there
is much more information for insiders (e.g the
competition who would be interested in fleet
renewal policies and so on). Can an airline/
Leasing Co. actually hide its policy for
long enough time to worth the effort?
Beside, with undisclosed orders manufacturers
can actually fake their orders book, I think.
Since no information is given about the contract,
manufacturers just put some 'dummies'
in and later remove as cancellations.
Is there any way to prevent such things to happen?


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