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Lufthansa A310 Parked On Top Of B727 At LIS

Wed Jul 21, 2004 7:20 am

I was actually going to write "excellent air photo database of LIS" but that was a bit of a dull title. The current title is not misleading though!

There is a (quite) new database of maps and aerial photos of Lisbon, with extremely detailed images:

Here you can zoom in up to 1:500 scale, and when you have zoomed in enough then click on the camera-button. If you look at the airport, you can see various interesting things, such as:

-Passengers entering an A340 from a bus on the remote stand;

-The "strip girls" Convair CV-880 (immediately Southeast of the airport on the other side of the A2 motorway;

-The "Republic of Zaire" B707 close to the runway intersection;

-And, indeed, a Lufthansa A310 seemingly parked on top of a Boeing 727!!! Although I think the 727 stands on a lower area. Also a (presumably) SATA 737 standing intimately close to the A310. Also, see how they park their cars all over the apron, Portuguese style. Then again, all cars seem to be able to leave their parking spot, so it isn't that Portuguese after all maybe. This parking mess is in front of the hangar to the North of the main passenger terminal.

I wonder where this 727 is from. The VIASA 727 that stood around for ages pending a legal dispute (ask my boss about it...) was scrapped last August and these satellite images were taken in 2004 (proof: check the Alameda metro construction site that was still a park until summer 2003, and the S. Apolonia metro station that's already covered).

Have fun exploring!
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