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Aircraft Versions

Wed Jul 21, 2004 7:27 pm

Can anyone out there explain to me what the different version letters on
Boeing and Airbus aircraft means, i.e. 757-xxx(ET), 747-xxx(SCD),
747-xxxB, A330-xxxX and so on. I know a few, like F=Freighter,
SP=Special Performance and so on, but there are quite a few I don't
know what they mean. I did a search for "versions" on this
forum but didn't find anything useful although I'm sure this topic has
been up before.
Regards, Janne.
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Wed Jul 21, 2004 10:19 pm

Here are the "versions" I can think of:
ER: Extended Range
SUD: Stretched Upper Deck (Most were KLM's 742s, and they look like 743s)

For the A340-300X, the "X" was a designation used by Airbus, although it was originally an "E" for "enhanced", but the "X" stuck (or at least in the database  Big grin).

If you have questions on "versions", let us know.

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RE: Aircraft Versions

Wed Jul 21, 2004 10:40 pm

M=Modifitsirovannyy (modified)

IL-76TD or MD
Transportnyy = Transport
Dal'nyy = "Far Away", long distance
M = Modifitsirovannyy (modified)

SCD = side cargo door
C = convertible
CF = converible freighter
SF = special freighter
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Wed Jul 21, 2004 10:54 pm

Another acronym for aircraft versions is
QC which stands for Quick Change, from passenger to Cargo and vice versa.
I think only the B737 and B727 had this possibility
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Wed Jul 21, 2004 11:05 pm

What does the NG stand for which you often see on the end of a 737?
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Wed Jul 21, 2004 11:11 pm

NG = Next Generation. I think it's a generic name for the -700, -800 and -900 series 737's.
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Wed Jul 21, 2004 11:12 pm

Thanks for all the feedback.
And Rwylie77, I think even I can answer your question. NG=Next Generation.
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Wed Jul 21, 2004 11:13 pm

Uncle SAN at your service!
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Wed Jul 21, 2004 11:16 pm


The last two digits in the Boeing model designator refer to the customer who originally ordered or took delivery of the aircraft.

For a list of these codes:



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RE: Aircraft Versions

Wed Jul 21, 2004 11:20 pm

ET=Expanded Tankage or Extra Tankage, it's usually an implied designation on 767ERs and 777ERs. For example, the full designation of a United 777-200ER is Boeing 777-222/ER(ET) but people usually drop off the ET because it's nessecary to have an ER. All 767ERs are ETs except for some very early 762s delivered to Air Canada and El Al, with only a higher maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) than the standard 762.

SCD=Side Cargo Door. An example designation for this would 747-251F(SCD). On the 747, you don't have to be an SCD to be an F. Remember, the 747 can nose load. For most other planes, SCD and F are mutually inclusive.

B doesn't directly stand for anything. It just means having higher weights on the 747. The 742 was originally the 747B. A few 747-100Bs were built, probably with enough range to handle JFK-ATH versus JFK-fra with a standard 741. There are no 747-200 base models or "A"s. The B isn't really nessecary, but most publications and official sources leave it on to avoid confusion with the original 747B designation.

X, again doesn't really stand for anything. This should tell you all you need to know: http://airtransportbiz.free.fr/Aircraft/A340-300E.html
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Thu Jul 22, 2004 12:10 am

Thanks for the link, Steve. And thanks L.1011 for your in-depth explanation
and very good link.
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Thu Jul 22, 2004 12:27 am

No problem Janne.  Big thumbs up
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Thu Jul 22, 2004 12:40 am

Okay, what about Airbus?

For Ex, A330-243, 4 is the engine type.. so what about the 3? what does it stand for?
A300, A319, A320, A321, A332, A333, A343, A346, A388, B734, B738, B744, B763*, B772, B773, B788, F70, MD11, CRJ7, CRJ2, Q400, MD82, MD83, E145*, E190* (*=new)

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RE: Aircraft Versions

Thu Jul 22, 2004 12:46 am

Airbus engine codes

0 - GE (CF6)
1 - CFM (CFM56)
2 - PW (JT9D or 4000, plus that nasty small one for the A318)
3 - IAE (V2500)
4 - RR (Trent family)

The first digit of the 3 is the subvariant, second engine type, third indicates configuration for range and tanks etc. if I'm not mistaken
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Sat Jul 24, 2004 4:34 am

What does 757-24APF mean? That is what I come up with when
searching for N427UP. Is 24A the customer code and PF some kind
of version or is "A P F" the version?
p.s. Had to put blanks between the letters in A P F as a countermeasure
to some kind of acronym expansion going on here.
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Sat Jul 24, 2004 6:05 am

NG for real airplanes is Next Generation. NG for Herpa models is New Generation, a designation used for the new landing gears.

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RE: Aircraft Versions

Sat Jul 24, 2004 6:13 am

PF is Package Freighter
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Sat Jul 24, 2004 6:21 am

This will be a long post. Anyway here is a pretty recent list of Airbus version numbers and Boeing customer codes.

OD-BWH: The second digit in Airbus designations is the engine manufacturer and the third the engine type (varies by ac).

Janne: "757-24APF": 2 is for the 200, 4A is UPS. PF means parcel freighter or package freighter. Not entirely sure which.

Airbus version numbers

1st digit : version

2nd digit : engine manufacturer :

0 = General Electric
1 = CFM International
2 = Pratt and Whitney
3 = IAE (International Aero Engines)
4 = Rolls Royce
6 = Alliance (for the A380)

3rd digit : engine type (depends on the aircraft model) :

-101 = CF6-50C
-103/203 = CF6-50C2
-120/220 = JT9D-59A
-601 = CF6-80C2A1
-603 = CF6-80C2A3
-605 = CF6-80C2A5
-608 = CF6-80C2A8
-620 = JT9D-7R4H1
-622 = PW4158

-203 = CF6-80A3
-204/304 = CF6-80C2A2
-222/322 = JT9D-7R4E1
-308 = CF6-80C2A8
-324 = 4152
-325 = 4156A

-111 = CFM56-5B8/P
-112 = CFM56-5B9/P
-121 = PW6122
-122 = PW6124

-111 = CFM56-5B5/P
-112 = CFM56-5B6/P
-113 = CFM56-5A4
-114 = CFM56-5A5
-115 = CFM56-5B7/P
-131 = IAE V2522-A5
-132 = IAE V2524-A5
-133 = IAE V2527M-A5

-111/211 = CFM56-5A1
-131/231 = IAEV2500-A1
-212 = CFM56-5A3
-214 = CFM56-5B4/P
-232 = IAEV2527-A5
-233 = IAEV2527E-A5

-111 = CFM56-5B1
-112 = CFM56-5B2
-131 = IAEV2530-A5
-211 = CFM56-5B3/P
-231 = IAEV2533-A5
-232 = IAEV2530-A5

-202 = CF6-80E1A4
-203 = CF6-80E1A3
-223/323 = PW4168A
-243/343 = Trent 772-B60
-301 = CF6-80E1A2
-321 = PW4164
-322 = PW4168
-341 = Trent 768-60
-342 = Trent 772-60

-211/311 = CFM56-5C2
-212/312 = CFM56-5C3
-213/313 = CFM56-5C4
-541 = Trent 553-61
-642 = Trent 556-61

-841 = Trent 970
-861 = GP 7270

Note that this nomenclature does NOT apply to early versions of the A300 (versions B1, B2-1C, B2K-3C and SA)">B4-2C), all powered by GE CF6-50C2R.

For the A300-600, the nomenclatures SA)">B4 (passenger), C4 (combi) and F4 (freighter) are still used.

You will also see the following codes :

CJ = Corporate Jet (A319)
E = Extended range (A319CJ, A330 and A340)
ET = Extended twin (ETOPS, for the A310 only)
F = Freighter
R = Extended range (A300-600)
ST = Super transporter (only A300-600ST "Beluga")

Boeing Customer Codes

01 Piedmont
02 Northern Consolidated / Wien Air Alaska
03 Caribair
04 Britannia Airways
05 Braathens SAFE
06 K.L.M - Royal Dutch Airlines
07 Luftwaffe / West German Air Force
08 Icelandair
09 China Airlines
10 Wien Colsolidated / Wien Air Alaska
11 Wardair
12 M.S.A / Singapore Airlines
13 Ariana - Afghan Airlines
14 Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA)
15 Lake Central
16 LAN Chile
17 CP Air / Canadian International
18 B.E.A
19 NZ National Airways Corp / Air New Zealand
20 Boeing
21 Pan American World Airways
22 United Air Lines
23 American Airlines
24 Continental Airlines
25 Eastern Airlines
27 Braniff Airways
28 Air France
30 Lufthansa
31 T.W.A
32 Delta Air Lines
33 Air Canada
34 Transair Sweden
35 National Airlines
36 B.O.A.C / British Airways
37 Air India
38 Qantas
39 Cubana
40 Pakistan International Airlines
41 Varig
42 Nordair
43 Alitalia
44 South African Airways
45 Seaboard World Airlines
46 Japan Air Lines
47 Western Air Lines
48 Aer Lingus
49 Flying Tiger Line
50 Trek Airways
51 Northwest Airlines
53 United States Air Force
54 Mohawk Airlines
55 Executive Jet Aviation
56 Iberia
57 Swissair
58 El Al
59 Avianca
60 Ethopian Airlines
61 F.A.A
62 Pacific Northern
63 Ghana Airways (ntu) / Faucett
64 Mexicana
65 British Eagle
66 United Arab Airlines / Egyptair
67 Cathay Pacific Airways
68 Saudia / Saudi Arabian Airlines
69 Kuwait Airways
70 Iraqi Airways
71 Trans International / Transamerica
72 Airlift International
73 World Airways
74 Iraqi Airways (ntu) / Libyan Arba (ntu)
75 Pacific Western Airlines
76 Trans Australian
77 Ansett Airlines
78 B.W.I.A
79 Saturn Airlines
80 Bankers Trust (TWA)
81 All Nippon Airways
82 T.A.P - Air Portugal
83 S.A.S
84 Olympic Airways
85 American Flyers
86 Iran Air
87 Aerolineas Argentinas
89 Toa Domestic / Japan Air System
90 Alaska Airlines
91 Frontier Airlines
92 Air Asia / Air America
93 Pacific Air Lines / Air California
94 Syrian Arab Airlines / Syrianair
95 Northeast Airlines
96 Quebecair
97 Aloha Airlines
98 Air Zaire
99 British Caledonian
1A Martinair Holland
1B China Southern Airlines
1C Government of Romania
1H Emirates
1K Airtours International Airways Ltd.
1L China Xinjiang Airlines
1M Oman Air
1Q Tombo Aviation Inc.
1R Virgin Atlantic Airways
1S Deutsche BA
1U BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
2A Hawaiian Airlines
2C Air UK Leisure
2J Arab Leasing
2K Turkmenistan Airlines / Akhal
2L Azerbaijan Airlines
2Q Ukraine International Airlines
2R Pegasus Airlines
2T BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
2U JABJ / Picton II Ltd. (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
3A Ansett Worldwide (AWWAS) / Nordstress Ltd.
3B Air Mauritius
SA)">3C Euralair International
3N American Trans Air
3P Uzbekistan Airways
3Q Boeing (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
3R Western Pacific Airlines
3S Pembroke Capital
3T Real Estate Exchange Inc. (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
3U Chartwell Aircraft Company (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
3V Easyjet Airline Co Ltd.
4A United Parcel Service - UPS
4K Air Nippon
4N China United Airlines
4P Hainan Airlines
4Q Mid East Jet
4S SA)">GB Airways
4T GECAS (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
4U Air Shamrock (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
4V BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
SA)">5A Presidential Airways
SA)">5B Germania
5C Xiamen Airlines
5D LOT - Polish Airlines
5E EVA Air
5F GATX Capital Corp
5H Itochu AirLease Corp.
5N Shandong Airlines
SA)">5P Air Europa
5R Jet Airways (India)
5S CSA - Czech Airlines
5T First Union Commercial Corp. (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
5U Dobro Ltd. (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
5V General Electric Corporation (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ)
6B Cal Air / Novair International Airways
6D Shanghai Airlines
6J Air Berlin
6K Vietnam Airlines Corporation
6M Virgin Express
6N GE Capital Aviation (GECAS)
6Q Boullion Aircraft Holding
6R Wuhan Airlines
7A Far Eastern Air Transport
7B Air Holland
SA)">7C Japanesse Self Defence Force
7D Air Seychelles
7G Malev - Hungarian Airlines
7K Zhongyuan Airlines
7Q Novel Leasing Company
7U Atlas Air
8A Air 2000 Limited
8B Istanbul Airlines
8E Asiana Airlines
8J Tarom
8N Chilean Air Force
8S China Xinjiang Airlines
9D Linjeflyg
9H Leisure International
9J Shorouk Air
SA)">9K Shenzen Airlines
SA)">9L Air China
9M Air Austral
SA)">9N Mid East Jet
9P China Eastern Airlines
9R Pro Air
9T BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
9U Wilmot Trust company (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
A0 Lloyd Aereo Boliiviano
A3 Pluna
A4 Air California
A6 Essex International / LTV Capital
A7 Trans Caribbean
A8 Indian Airlines
A9 Transair Canada
B1 DETA Mozambique / LAM
B2 Air Madagascar
B3 U.T.A
SA)">B4 M.E.A
B5 Korean Air
SA)">B6 Royal Air Maroc
B7 Allegheny / USAir / US Airways
C0 GATX / Boothe
C3 Cruzeiro do Sul
C9 Luxair
D1 Universal Airlines
D3 ALIA - Royal Jordanian Airlines
D4 Ozark Airlines
D6 Air Algerie
D7 Thai Airways International
E0 Dubai Air Wing (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
E0 Dubai Air Wing
E1 Eastern Provincial
E7 Arkia
F1 Air New Zealand (ntu)
SA)">F2 THY - Turkish Airlines
F5 Government of Portugal / Portuguese Air Force
F6 Philippine Airlines
F8 Royal Nepal Airways
SA)">F9 Nigeria Airways
G1 Government of Saudi Arabia
SA)">G4 United States Air Force
G5 L.T.S / L.T.U.
G7 America West Airlines
H2 I.T.T
H3 Tunis Air
H4 Southwest Airlines
H5 Mey Air
H6 Malaysian Airlines
H7 Cameroon Airlines
H9 J.A.T - Jugoslav Airlines
J0 Air Jamaica
J1 Dominicana
J4 Sterling Airways
J6 C.A.A.C / Air China
J7 National Aircraft Leasing
J8 Sudan Airways
J9 Iranian Air Force
K1 Tarom / Romanian Government
K2 Transavia / KLM
K3 Aviogenex
K5 Hapag Lloyd
K9 Bavaria Flug
L4 American Capital Aviation
L5 Libyan Arab Airlines
L6 Aviation Services & Support
L7 Air Nauru
SA)">L8 Government of Yugoslavia
L9 Maersk Air
M0 ARIA - Aeroflot Russian International Airlines
M1 Pelita Air Service
M2 TAAG - Angola Airlines
SA)">M6 Royal Brunei
M7 Hughes Air West
M8 Trans European Airways
M9 Zambia Airways
N0 Air Zimbabwe
N1 Government of Venezuela
N3 Government of Brazil
N6 Government of Nigeria
SA)">N7 Government of Egypt
N8 Yemen Airways
N9 Government of Niger / Air Niger
P1 Goverment of Qatar
P3 HRH Talal bin Abdul Aziz (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
P5 Thai Airways
SA)">P6 Gulf Air
P8 Bahrain Amiri Flight
Q2 Air Gabon
Q3 Southwest Air Lines / Japan TransOcean
Q4 Transbrasil
SA)">Q5 Government of Liberia / Air Liberia
Q8 I.L.F.C
Q9 Itel Corp.
R1 Government of Cameroon
R4 Alyemda
R6 Air Guinee
R7 Cargolux Airline International
R8 Air Tanzania
S1 TACA International Airlines
S2 Federal Express
S3 Air Europe / Sunrock Capital Corp.?
S4 Air Afrique
SA)">S5 Eldorado Aviation
S7 North Central Airlines / Republic Airlines
S9 Maritime Investment
T0 Texas Air Corp / Continental Airlines
T2 Dome Petroleum
T3 Evergreen
T4 Air Florida
T5 Orion Airways
T7 Monarch Airlines
T8 Polaris Leasing
SA) and AB Varmlandsflyg (Sweden)">T9 Boeing
U3 Garuda Indonesia
U4 OSL Villa Holidays
U5 Government of Jordan
U8 Kenya Airways
U9 Polynesian Airlines
V3 COPA Airlines
V5 Bahamasair
V6 Petrolair Systems SA
V8 Air Executive / Busy Bee
W0 China Yunnan Airlines
W2 Aerotour
W6 Government of Morocco
W8 NOGA Import
X2 Air Pacific
X3 Air Charter International
X4 Supair
X6 Markair
X8 Wistair Corp
X9 Indonesian Air Force
Y0 G.P.A Group
Y4 Rafic B Hariri (Saudi customer)
Y5 Air Malta
Y9 Air Malawi
Z0 China Southwest
Z5 United Arab Emirates Royal Flight
Z6 Royal Thai Air Force
Z8 South Korean Air Force
Z9 Lauda Air
AB AB Airlines
AD Eastwind Airlines
AH BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
AJ BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
AK Privitair (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
AN Saudi OGER (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
AR Taiwan Air Force
AS Ryanair
AV Newsflight II Inc. (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
AW BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
BC Boeing NetJets (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
BD AirTran Airways Inc.
BF Funair Corp. (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
BG Flightlease AG
BH BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
BJ Atlas Air (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
BK CIT Leasing Corp.
BS North American Airlines
BX Midway Airlines
CB Hawaiian Airlines
CG GKW Aviation LLC (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
CJ BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ One Inc. (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
CM Aerolineas de Baleares Aebal
CN Privatair (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
CP Ford Motor Company (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
CQ JMC Airlines Limited
CT Westjet
CU Tutor-Saliba corp. (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
CX GATX - Flightlease
DF BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
DM BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
DO BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
DP BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
DR Multiflight (BBJ2 Customer)
DT BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
DV Lowa Ltd. (BBJ2 Customer)
DW BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
DX Kazakhstan Airlines
EA Azteca Airlines
EC Dubai Air Wing (BBJ2 Customer)
ED BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
EF BBJ2 Customer
EG Samsung Aerospace (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
EJ Grupo Omnilife S.A. de C.V. (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
EL Swiflite Aircraft Corporation (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
EM BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
EQ BBJ2 Customer
ES Royal Australian Air Force (BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer)
ET BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
EV BBJ2 Customer
EX BBJ2 Customer
FB BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
FD BJ / EDRB) (closed), Germany">BBJ Customer
FE Virgin Blue

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RE: Aircraft Versions

Sat Jul 24, 2004 6:26 am

Wow, a lot of good info there Starlionblue.

I had always wondered why some of the A319s I fly are -112s and some are -114s.
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Sat Jul 24, 2004 6:29 am

I guess we have too much time on our hands if we wonder about that sort of thing, but I do as well  Big grin

In any case the info is probably stolen from somebody who actually knows what he is talking about. I want to thank the Internet Big grin
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Sat Jul 24, 2004 7:20 am

I thank you both, LongHauler and Starlionblur (sounds like call signs
from the movie "Convoy" with Kris Kristoffersson from the 70-ies)
"Rubber Duck" says, thankyou and let's get Smokey, over and out.
Thanks guys.
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Sat Jul 24, 2004 7:36 am

"Starlionblur". That was new  Big grin

Starlionblue is from the family crest
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Sat Jul 24, 2004 8:27 am

My apologies, Starlionblue. Just a slip of the finger, hit the r instead of e.
You've got your own family shield. Cool.

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RE: Aircraft Versions

Sat Jul 24, 2004 8:36 am

As Eddie Izzard says on his US tour: "I'm from Europe, where the history comes from."

Actually, in Sweden you are allowed to adopt a crest of your choosing even if you are not from the nobility. You just aren't allowed to display a crown. Not that I use my crown in any case. Just a bit too pretentious...
"There are no stupid questions, but there are a lot of inquisitive idiots." - John Ringo
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RE: Aircraft Versions

Sat Jul 24, 2004 8:41 am

Talking about pretentious...reminds me of an old "Faulty Towers" joke.
"Pretensious, moi???"
p.s. Going to bed now, it is 01:38 here in Stockholm.

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