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SAS. What Can I Say . . .

Mon Feb 21, 2000 4:30 am

Well, I've just come back after four days in Scandinavia - taking 7 flights with SAS. The two return flights, LHR-CPH, plus five others on a very good value Scandinavian Airpass. It was a wonderful, flawless experience.

To sum up, I got my first flights on the MD81, 82, 737-600, DC9-41 and perhaps most importantly of all, the soon to be retired DC9-21 (which, incidentally, an SAS agent told me are to join Baltic Air? Anyone know anymore about this?) To cap it all, my flight back was delayed an hour, due to a tech delay and they substituted an MD83 - a very rare type for SAS - and another first for me. AND, on the way out to CPH, I was upgraded. Boy, was that an experience.

Jumpseat wise, I had two full flights in the cockpit (BG0-OSL, landing with visibility of about a mile, breaking out of cloud at 300'). It was on that flight that the F/O told me about the A321 order. The same crew had been on my flight into BGO (an EXTREMELY picturesque approach), so they invited me up for the whole of this one. The DC9-21 crew also let me up for the whole of the GOT-CPH route and I also got the jump seat into LHR today, 27R. It was a beautiful pleasant day at LHR today, with clear skies, but when we left CPH, there was very heavy sleet and snow, although it wasn't settling. We were parked beside an SIA A340, 'SJK, and needless to say, a few exposures were spent on that. It was a GORGEOUS aircraft. Why, oh why, will they soon be no more . . . *sniffle*.

Anyway, I'll sign off now before I get any more emotional! The basic point is, SAS is an A++ airline and I'd go out of my way to fly with them again.
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RE: SAS. What Can I Say . . .

Mon Feb 21, 2000 9:59 am

I have only pleasant experience with SAS as well.

Welcome back to Norway/Scandinavia

Ever Flown On Braathens?

Mon Feb 21, 2000 4:45 pm

I have flown on SAS numerous times on those routes too. Ever flown on Braathens? Their service is terriable, they charge you for drinks and snacks on domestic flights. I flew on SAS from CPH to ORD, much easier and more enjoyable than going through LHR, especially if your going to BGO. During the takeoff from CPH the pilots left the cockpit door open, that was pretty cool, never see that on an american carrier. I have a private and had the chance to fly around the Bergen area in a Piper Warrior, amazing views. The food served on these two airlines can be a little strange.
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RE: SAS. What Can I Say . . .

Tue Feb 22, 2000 5:23 am

SAS is my favorite airline. It is very reliable and offers great service even on economy class. I often fly SAS on both international and domestic flights and I have always been very satisfied with the service onboard.