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A Question About PTV For Frequent Flyers

Tue Feb 22, 2000 12:18 am

I would like some first hand opinions about the in-seat video systems that specific airlines have. Does Krisworld actually work as advertised? How about Virgins' latest system? I know that both of these systems are made by Matsusita. I have used VS's previous Rockwell system and had no problems. We now have an updated version of that system at DL and have had a lot of problems. I know that same system is on BA744, BA777, AF777 and AA777. Thanks for your opinions.
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RE: A Question About PTV For Frequent Flyers

Tue Feb 22, 2000 7:40 am

I have flown a couple of times with BA's new PTVs for World Traveller - I have to admit the picture quality was at times rather dodgy - nonetheless - it offered a great choice. That's the one thing I find BA is particularly good at - its choice of Audio-Visual programming. I have often been very satisfied with the old reliable on-screen projection system really just from the fact that the quality of programming has traditionally been brilliant with new cinema releases and the best pick of sitcoms, cartoons, documentaries and of course that old faithful BBC news.

Malaysia Airlines has a Sony-British Telecom touch-screen system installed that actually comes with a full 10.4 inch screen. First Class and Golden Club passengers get over 70 hours worth of viewing material which includes city-guides of its destinations. The system is supposed to link up with Satellite systems to provide on-line service with certain companies like Interflora, OAG and Hotel booking services...that has not been confirmed (anyone tried / used it?). MAS' 777s also come with an office on-board with a library of CD-ROM material, etc.