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Boy In Norway Rides Luggage Conveyor Belt

Thu Jul 29, 2004 10:04 am

Thought this Story WAs Funny

Ingvild Aakervik was checking in at the Vigra airport near the western town of Aalesund Monday, when her four-year-old son Ole Tobias wandered off by himself.

Unnoticed by airport staff or passengers he managed to crawl onto a luggage carousel next to an unmanned check-in counter.

Surrounded by bags and suitcases, the boy rode the entire length of the belt, passing through an X-ray scanner in the process.

The ride came to a sudden end when staffers saw the youngster on the carousel and stopped it by pressing an alarm button.

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RE: Boy In Norway Rides Luggage Conveyor Belt

Thu Jul 29, 2004 10:09 am

I was picking up my sister last night at SFO (UA 187 IAD-SFO Late an hour, what was up with the weather in IAD yesterday?) and sat for a good 15-20 minutes watching the carousel go round and round with no bags. While waiting I wondered how far I could get down and onto the ramp before I got caught (wouldn't actually do this) b/c there was no one that was near the door.

There's also a "Odd Shape" baggage collection which is just a big door that is one side ramp and the other side baggage area and a ramp agent left it open to which I informed a guy about it and he said "woops"....... Security at SFO always seems tight to me.......

Thanks again!

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