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Back From BA/ QF Round The World

Tue Feb 22, 2000 8:18 am

Hey All
Just wanted to say I was back from my trip.

Visited Hong Kong, Switzerland, France, and South Africa for about 7 weeks.

Had the best time and really enjoyed the short haul flights the most. The 747-400 flights were VERY cramped as BA and QF dont provide you with much leg room... particularly BA, which seemed to have very little.

The Short hauls were on BA's 757's from london to Geneva and Paris to London and BA's 727 from Cape Town to Johannesburg, and the 747 flights were Sydney HK, HK London, LOndon Cape Town and Johannesburg Sydney.

I tried each time asking for legroom seats i.e. bulkhead/ emergency exit rows, but each time i was told they werent yet made available and i should try at the gate (yeah rite) as we were boarding. As if there'd be any left by then. The only fight I got an exit row seat was on Qantas from Joburg to here.

Apart from that, the BA meals were excellent. Esp the short Haul ones.... nice snacks provided. The Qantas Long Haul ones were revolting! (as per usual).... hehe

Well thats it in brief.

really sad to be home  

Speak to you soon
p.s. any questions... dont hesitate to ask!