Aloha Getting New 737s?

Tue Feb 22, 2000 9:21 am

OK, I know Aloha is getting 737-700s for the Hawaii-Oakland routes, but does anyone know if Aloha is planning on getting newer 737s for the inter-island routes? The 737-200 is aging, and with Hawaiian getting 717s, new planes=less fuel usage=lower costs=lower fares; could Aloha get into financial trouble by using aging planes (and having to use higher fares to offset higher fuel consumption) with Hawaiian using newer ones? Even getting used 737-300s or -500s would be more efficient than -200s.

I am saying this because Aloha is my second favorite airline (after United), and while it is small, Aloha is a nice airline to fly, and I want to see them stay that way. I think they really turned their image around after the flight 243 accident (at least my perception). When I was to take my first trip to Hawaii in 1994 with my parents (they had been there many times before), and I found we were to fly Aloha between HNL & OGG, I was unhappy because of all the hype about flight 243. I flew them, and it really changed my opinion. Having now flown them 6 times, and having had excellent service each flight, I now view them as an excellent (albeit small) carrier. Plus they were the first airline IN THE WORLD to have defibrillators aboard its entire fleet.


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